Social Tourism

The development of tourist activity in the region has experienced significant growth in recent years, which entails economic benefits for companies and development for the region. On the other hand, for people, trips are part of the enjoyment and recreation, but at the same time it carries multiple benefits for people’s health.

Within the distribution of spending, families and individuals allocate an important item for vacations or tourist trips, however there is an important group of the population that does not have access to tourism due to lack of economic resources, it is for this segment that it is oriented the Company’s “Social Tourism Program”, where you can access a significant number of excursions totally free for the user.

Money will no longer be an impediment to enjoy the tourist attractions of our region, contact us or come to our offices.

The program is aimed at low-income people in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region

Beneficiaries or Target Public

The main segment of the population that wants to intervene are: municipalized educational centers in the most important cities, as well as in rural sectors; Labor Workshops that welcome people at social risk or disabled children and low-income families.

The modality of the services are the following:

  1. Individual passengers or groups of maximum 4 passengers, must present their travel requirements which will be incorporated into the regular services that the company has.
  2. Groups, aimed at large families, shelters, foundations or government programs, that work with these vulnerable groups.


We offer our users various programs throughout Patagonia, hand in hand with a quality service, and without costs for the passenger.
We love Patagonia, that is why we offer social programs following world trends in companies with corporate social responsibility, and thereby contribute to the well-being of local communities with limited resources, seeking their integration into the tourism industry.

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General Booking Conditions

Reservations: Via E-mail: [email protected] , indicating: names, number of people, nationality, contact number, excursion and date.